As the Vega Testnet has sprung out into the wild - freely out in the open for anyone to try - it is time to engage and collaborate with the developer community. To achieve this goal, there couldn’t be a better partnership to solidify than one with our friends at Gitcoin: the home of Web3 developers.

Vega has already integrated with Gitcoin to host bounties, both past and present, but we are now taking the collaboration to the next level.

“The Gitcoin team is excited to be partnering with Vega to help grow their developer ecosystem, starting with the Open…

The Process

After hustling and raising funds, we announced MGD’s first round of funding. We opened applications on October 1st and received 30+ strong entries from all over the world. Upon narrowing down the submissions to 9 projects, we invited the finalists to a pitch day. All MGD members were invited and we anonymously scored teams across their level of innovation, impact and drive to push forward the decentralized ecosystem. We were proud to see each team have kick ass, female leadership!

The round was split between a General MGD Fund and a Maker Foundation Fund (only open to projects utilizing the…

We sponsored our very first hackathon this year, and it had to be no other than ETHOnline! It was a great month, loaded with interesting deep-dive sessions and teams from around the world coming together to pitch and build projects.

We were especially excited to see hackers interact with the Vega protocol, and take on the challenge we set to come up with innovative, useful and whimsical ways of visualising testnet trading and market data emitted from the Vega blockchain. …

We’re excited to support ETHGlobal’s biggest event of the year, ETHOnline: an online hackathon and weekly summits this October. This is the first time Vega is released into the wild, we’re eager to see what people will do with the Vega APIs and what hackers will create and build.

The timing couldn’t be better with DeFi erupting and the need for robust, capital efficient and fair DEXes soaring. Vega presents as a next generation cross-chain DEX derivatives protocol, with built in automated cross-margining and anti-frontrunning protection at consensus layer (for more on this meet Wendy the Fairness Widget).

All collateral…

Hello and good morning ☀️

The world is burning and we’re seeing a global movement rise from the ashes. The last month has seen millions protest against deeply rooted systems of injustice. I stand in solidarity with the BLM movement, pledge to continue to educate myself and offer allyship. If there’s any other way I can support, please reach out.

Highlights from the world of Vega

  • Excitingly, we have launched our Markets and Liquidity Programme alongside a host of global founding members. This marks an important step of collaboration with the wider ecosystem as we progress towards launch. …

Hello and good morning ☀️

Colleagues have been replaced with cats, long-haul flights with walks and I even had a whole dream take place in what has become the all too familiar Zoom grid. Unemployment has skyrocketed and the money printer has gone brrr… creating a stronger impetus than ever for a parallel financial system. Many have found that volatility has taken on a new sense of familiarity and will arguably be looking to alternative solutions. And whilst we continue to miss each other and physical spaces we’re finding solace in the ever expanding virtual world.

Highlights from the world of Vega

  • After two years of…

Christina Norgard Rud

Community @ Vega

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